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Austell has some of the most lovely people in the state of Georgia. We’ve done service and installation work there for years and each time we go, it’s a real treat! If you live in Austell, wouldn’t it be nice for you to not have to worry about your home’s features above the roofline? Because when you’re wanting work done on your chimney sweep in Austell GA,  it’s so much better to have a professional come over who knows what they’re doing. This is not a task you want to just “Youtube” and figure out!

Unfortunately some professionals resort to doing things like this. We’re not looking to point fingers at people and say that our competitors are way worse than we are. We’ve just heard stories from our customers over the last 25 years about how they had a bad night and weren’t focused on their work or they signed up for a job they didn’t quite understand or they really didn’t care to provide the best service to begin with! It’s these reasons that help motivate our team at American Chimney, Gutter & Roofing to be the very best team to work with.

Great Reasons to Work With American CGR

1. BBB A+ Ratings

For one thing, we’re still a BBB A+ rated business. It might not seem like a whole lot, but plenty of people still enjoy seeing contractors and business professionals be accredited by this organization. We get calls numerous times throughout the year just because of this!

2. MANY 5-star reviews on Google

We’re not only known on BBB, but throughout the entire internet. People have left hundreds of reviews on our Google business page, our Facebook page, Homeadvisor and likely other places we aren’t even aware of! The work we get highly praised for isn’t just chimney repair work. It’s also for being a high quality roofer Austell GA and gutter installation company. Hence the name, American Chimney, Gutter & Roofing!

3. Quality control calls to verify satisfaction with clients.

Finally, we’re striving to keep this 5 star service with a large majority of our clients. In order to maintain this stellar reputation, we actually have someone in the office make quality control calls to verify how satisfied you were with the job. How cool is that!?

If these details really bring you peace of mind to use us, then schedule an appointment for our team to come out to Austell! We’d love to help you!