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When you work with American Chimney, Gutter & Roofing, you’re working with a company who’s got all the certifications to implement your work. While some chimney inspection and repair companies won’t bother with this extra step, we’re looking to be the very best choice for your work. Give us a call today and know that we’ll be certified to take care of your chimney work! We are a Delaware corporation based in Georgia operating in the North Atlanta metro area.

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  • Roofers In Marietta GA Hammer IconSave $50 on Your First Chimney Cleaning & Inspection!
  • Roofers In Marietta GA Hammer IconNo Mess Guarantee
  • Roofers In Marietta GA Hammer Icon“We call to confirm all of our scheduled appointments.”
  • Roofers In Marietta GA Hammer IconBBB A+ Ratings
  • Roofers In Marietta GA Hammer IconMANY 5-star reviews on Google
  • Roofers In Marietta GA Hammer IconQuality control calls to verify satisfaction with clients
  • Roofers In Marietta GA Hammer IconBefore & After photos for each project to prove quality
  • Roofers In Marietta GA Hammer IconWe’re on time, all the time with our work.
  • Roofers In Marietta GA Hammer IconMain Goal? We’re providing the best value to our customers all the time.
  • Roofers In Marietta GA Hammer IconLicensed And Insured

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Your Full Service Experts Above the Roofline

American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing is a dependable company for all your needs about the roofline. What do we mean by “above the roofline?” Well like our company name sounds, this includes your roofing, gutter and chimney needs. Our owner, Richard Hyde, has been in the business for many decades now and has seen it all! Even though he’s been in the game so long, he’s still kicking and screaming and really enjoying his life.

Part of his joy comes from helping you folks like yourself as one of the best roofers in Marietta GA. There’s plenty of reasons why we have turned out to be one of the best companies in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, but why don’t you read for yourself why!

Why American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing Stands Tall?

Why are we going into this much detail? Well, through the many years of construction work, we’ve seen how many nefarious and low life individuals work in the construction trade. It’s not exactly the “cushy” or “luxurious” lifestyle for most people. It’s not featured in Hollywood movies or in the media as a respectable and honorable profession. As a result, most consumers have a stigma or fear that they will be taken advantage of by service contractors and construction companies.

What really helps us as roofers in Marietta GA be a real difference maker is by being explicitly clear about what genuinely makes us stand out and different than the competition. Based on everyone else’s marketing and website details, they all kinda look the same…don’t they? Everyone talks about how they “bring integrity with every job” and how they “provide great customer service.” Well if every business owner is saying the same things about why they are a great company, but there’s a negative perception with service contractors…then we have a problem.

So the in-depth details about our company that you’ll find below are actually necessary! If you don’t care to read them, don’t worry. These are the same details we go over in every sales appointment. So if you need help from trustworthy roofers in Marietta GA or your chimney and gutters are out of whack, then give us a call today at (678) 721-1700.

Save $50 on Your First Chimney Cleaning & Inspection!

Are you a first-time customer? Then you’ll enjoy this deal. If you need your first chimney cleaning and inspection done, we’ll take off $50 from your first appointment with us. Isn’t that cool?? And don’t worry, there isn’t a catch with this offer. If you don’t want to do anything else to help improve your home, don’t feel the need. We’ll still be happy to educate you about the problems and concerns we find above your roofline and then let you decide what you want to do.

No Mess Guarantee

This is a complaint that many roofers in Marietta GA will get. Because of the many shingles, nails and messes that come from a hard working crew, you’ll find some roofing contractors aren’t as nice and neat as you’d like. We’ve even heard reports of contractors leaving many nails and debris in people’s yards! How is this acceptable?? It’s not acceptable with us and that’s why you should really work with American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing.

“We call to confirm all of our scheduled appointments.”

This little detail right here lets you know that we’re a truly professional company. We care about making your appointments and fitting within the best timeframe for you. If something comes up, we want to know about it and we’ll be proactive in finding out. We do this because we also need to run a tight operation to keep our profits great and continue to thrive in our company growth!

BBB A+ Ratings

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that’s lasted for several decades now as a vetting organization for companies across the United States. And thankfully, our company is rated A+ for our business practices. We get the job done, am I right?

5-star reviews on Google

And with our Google reviews, you’ll see more proof that we stand up tall with our practices as roofers in Marietta GA. We seek to gain new reviews every single day because we know how powerful it is to gather good reviews on our work. We understand the fact that eight out of ten customers read reviews before making a purchasing decision. So go ahead and look us up on our business listing to find many great reviews. We’re confident in our work.

Quality control calls to verify satisfaction with clients

Not only will we call ahead to confirm that you are still good for the appointment, but many times, we’ll call afterwards and vet out how our team did. We’ve been massively growing over the recent years and with our new hires, we always want to keep tabs on whether or not they really are doing a great job. That’s why we’ll make the time to call customers like you and see how our team really did. Don’t you love that!?

Before & After photos for each project to prove quality

Upon request, we’ll actually supply each customer with before and after photos of our work. We do this already to make sure our guys do a great job, but to prove our quality of work to you, we’ll gladly have our roofers in Marietta GA supply you with the evidence to back our work.

We’re on time, all the time with our work.

This couldn’t be more frustrating to customers. Calling service contractors is a pain in the neck already because that means you have a problem with your home you didn’t want to have! Who likes having a leak in their roof?? So when you call one of the roofers in Marietta GA and then they don’t even show up to fulfill the work, that’s a poor sign of professionalism. If they show up late, you might be polite about it, but deep inside, you’re growing quite angry. That’s why at American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing, this continues to be a big priority for our guys in their performance.

Licensed and Insured
Last and certainly not least, we’ve got licensed and insured professionals. We didn’t just start this company and we don’t intend to look like we were born yesterday. Schedule a time to work with fantastic roofers in Marietta GA today!
What’s the main goal? We’re providing the best value to our customers all the time.

Chimney Sweep Services Marietta GA

For your chimney sweep, we’ll come in and sweep you off the floor with our excellence. We’ll let the professionals describe all the details about the work with you on the phone or in-person, but if you have leaks happening in your chimney or you find that the gas or smoke isn’t adequately filtering out of your home, that’s a big problem. In fact, it’s recommended that your chimney be inspected every single year by a chimney sweep professional. So if you need more details about what’s all involved in the chimney repair process, go ahead and click here and you’ll find some good answers.

Roofing Marietta GA Services

Need some dependable roofers in Marietta GA? Then our team is here to help! With each appointment we do to service work above the roofline, we include a roof inspection. Because many times, you may not even know you needed a roof repair or replacement! You’re busy doing what you do well, but you didn’t even know you’re at risk of the next giant storm to hit the Atlanta area. This is why it’s important to have your roof inspected on a regular basis because your insurance company will cover the damages once inspected by a great company like ours.

Gutter Installation Services in Marietta GA

Your gutters are not to be ignored either. Gutters serve as a pivotal aspect of your home’s health. If gutters are damaged and have leaked or aren’t regularly cleaned, then you’ll find yourself with floods along the house in parts where it could be damaging to the foundation of your home! You want water to flow seamlessly from the roof all the way down to the ground.

Residential Siding Services

As a bonus service, our company has expanded to residential siding construction too. Siding helps to keep the home safe from the elements outside while providing an affordable method to bring style to the exterior of your home. Overtime, siding will wear out and need repairs or replacement. Schedule a time with American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing and we’ll gladly help you out as great roofers in Marietta GA.

Why Else Should You Work With American CGR?

Us? Great Integrity With Our Work –
As we’ve previously mentioned, we do it the right way even whilst no one is looking. That’s where true integrity comes in. Integrity isn’t illustrated when people are watching. It’s illustrated when people have verified that you in fact have integrity after the fact. This is why we have photo evidence available for customers whenever they want to double-check our work!

Them? Little Verification on Quality –
Most contractors don’t want to spend the time and energy being checked on. That’s likely because many contractors are one-man shows who couldn’t successfully make it in a company with accountability and managers. So whenever you, as the homeowner, have a curious question about their work, they conveniently won’t answer the phone.

Us? Clear, Frequent Communication –
As quality roofers in Marietta GA, we find it very important to explain clear, frequent communication about our work. We know the homeowner has their worries about working with a service contractor like a roofer, so why let them continue to worry? We should take ownership of the reality of the industry and provide overwhelming proof that we really are a quality company.

Them? No Call, No Show –
Roofers in Marietta GA (and many other markets) aren’t as consistent and reliable as you would hope for them to be. So when you work with American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing, it should be a great breath of fresh air for you! Because with the other guys, you scheduled yourself to stay home from the office because the roofer was coming out to visit your home. You don’t want to just let the roofer have free range at the house without your oversight, so you need to move things around to be home.

Then as you watch the clock, does it absolutely tick you off to find that the guy showed up late? Or maybe he “forgot which day it was” and didn’t remember he had an appointment with you? That’s an immediate sign of a lack of professionalism. You shouldn’t stand for that and our roofers in Marietta GA don’t either!

Us? Clean Job Guarantee –
Messes are a bad deal. Just as you may have heard from the scouts, they emphasize how you want to leave any place cleaner than you found it. While most people really don’t honor this, that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t honor it, right? Well at American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing, we do honor this! Know that whenever you hire our company to do gutter installations, chimney repairs or roofing inspections, we’ll leave your home better than you found it!

Them? Quick & Messy –
Many other contractors are quite focused on getting to the next job on their schedule. And since most people aren’t very good with their time management, they likely piled on the schedule too heavily and they were rushed. Maybe they woke up too late too! Whatever the case is, you shouldn’t tolerate companies who do scrappy, messy work.