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When looking for work done above the roof line, American Chimney Gutter Roofing is a premiere residential construction company specializing above the roof line. We are your go to full service experts above the roof line.

Check out our 100+, 5-star reviews on Homeadvisor and Google!

The safety and quality of your property matters. You need to protect your home from the elements. That’s why ensuring that with a properly installed roof over your head, is an important decision to ensure that you’ll be covered from bad weather, hail storms and torrential downpours.

When looking for roofers in Marietta, GA and the surrounding counties of Cobb, Cherokee, Bartow and Paulding thanks for considering American Chimney Gutter and Roofing to do your work. We have been in the Atlanta metropolitan area for over 25 years and maintain a A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

From the chimney to the gutter to the roof, we’ll be your full service experts above the roofline.

A great chimney helps your property stay warm with a great fire. It’s also a key ingredient to a cozy, nice home. A lot of memories about home life are shaped around snuggling by the warm fire. Clean, functional gutters help maintain the quality of your property both in and around the home so that water doesn’t awkwardly damage the soil around the house. Great gutters cleaned regularly actually help ensure that your foundation doesn’t get damaged either!

That’s why calling American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing makes a huge difference. We’ve got tons of reviews on Google, Homeadvisor and other third party resources that showcase proof of our 5-star results.

Below, we also detail what makes our services so extraordinary compared to the competition. A majority of roofing and exterior house work will lack some of the basic, standard policies that American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing has to offer as premier residential contractors in Marietta GA. So to get started, simply give us a call today at (678) 721-1700 and book an appointment for a free estimate!

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What Makes Us Stand Out?


American Chimney, Gutter & Roofing

Typical Residential Contractors

Great Integrity With Our Work –
We do it right when no one is looking. And we’ll verify this through quality control calls & before and after pictures.
Little Verification on Quality –
Most are hesitant to provide the accountability that most customers love.
Highly Rated and Reviewed –
A+ ratings on review sites like the BBB and dozens of reviews to verify that we’re legitimate.
Few Reviews to Verify –
If you researched their company online, there are few contractors who have tons of reviews.
Clear, Frequent Communication –
We confirm availability on appointments and show up within the agreed timeframe!
No Call, No Show –
It’s a roll of the dice whether they call to confirm or show up on time…or at all.
Clean Job Guarantee –
We guarantee no mess on the job and will come back at no extra charge to fix any messes.
Quick & Messy –
They may get the job done, but there will be a trail leftover of nails and pieces of material in the yard.

Great Integrity With Our Work

Isn’t integrity an important factor whenever you hire roofing contractors in Marietta GA? It’s important to us and that’s why we’ll employ practices like quality control calls. With each of our service appointments, we will call back the customer for quality control calls to ensure that our team is doing a stellar job. We’ll ask them questions about the workers on the crew, if any debris was left on the property or if there were any concerns or complaints with the work.

In some cases, we’ll even provide the customer with before and after pictures of the projects. By doing this, we are legitimizing the fact that we do keep great integrity with our work as roofers in Marietta GA.

Highly Rated and Reviewed

In a group of ten shoppers, more than eight of them will go and research the reviews of a company’s services or products. One top of that, 8 to 9 customers out of 10 will consider reviews to be just as important as a recommendation from a friend or family member. So either family members are becoming less and less trustworthy, or shoppers are becoming more and more wise to check their sources. That’s why with American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing, we work to always ask people for reviews, often times repeatedly! That’s because the statistics show that people care about reviews and if a company has great reviews, then people will be more willing to buy from them. Whenever you take a look at the 100+ reviews we have on Homeadvisor and the dozens of reviews on Google, you’ll notice that we’ve been around the block a number of times. In most cases, we’ve gone above and beyond the expectations for roofers in Marietta GA.

Clear, Frequent Communication

Wouldn’t you enjoy working with roofers in Marietta GA that sent appointment confirmations and frequent communication? Then that’s what you’ll receive with American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing! With our attention to detail and our promptness on the job, our team will schedule specific timeframes to work in with our projects. Then before we arrive at your property, we’ll alert you of our estimated time of arrival. With the typical roofers in Marietta GA, it’s uncommon that you’ll find them be so forward with their communication.

Clean Job Guarantee

Last but not least, we offer a clean job guarantee with our work. We know that working with roofs, gutters and especially chimneys can get pretty nasty. That’s the reason why you’re paying us instead of doing it yourself! You also want to make sure that your contractor doesn’t leave your home looking like a war zone either. So when you hire American Chimney, Gutter and Roofing, just know that we will never leave your home in a messy disaster. We’re always very conscientious of your living space and ensure that at the end of each job, we’re pick up loose materials, throwing away trash and leaving your home better than you found it.

We Service These Counties & Cities!

  • Cobb County
  • Cherokee County
  • Bartow County
  • Paulding County 
  • Marietta 
  • Acworth 
  • Kennesaw 
  • Hiram 
  • Mableton 
  • Smyrna
  • Powder Springs