Are you looing for a versatile roof for your home or business

Are you looing for a versatile roof for your home or business

We have you covered on anything above the roof line in Marietta, GA

Choosing the roof in your home or business is a large investment in time and money. When exploring the different roofing options available always look at the different styles, performance and cost that best suit your home or business. We specialize in just about every type of roof available but our most popular and most versatile is the asphalt shingle roof. With asphalt shingle roofs you can choose from a wider range of colors and styles. In some cases, the color and texture of a shingle roof can be altered to look like tile, wood or even slate. Here are some of the advantages of an asphalt shingle roof:

Variety of textures, styles, and colors
Easy maintenance
Ease of installation
Wide availability of resources.

Asphalt shingle roofs are the ideal weight in most cases and don't require any form of additional reinforcement which can save you money up front. The materials for a traditional shingle roof can be sourced to meet the style you want and should you ever need a roof repair they will be easy to replace. Asphalt shingle roofs provide multi-layer thermal protection which allow for great performance in cold and warm weather. The multi-layer thermal protection also doubles giving you noise dampening to keep your home quiet.
If you're looking for versatility, ease and performance then this may be the roof for you. Call the roofing experts and American Chimney Gutter and Roofs for a free estimate and evaluation of your current roof.